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Hi, I am Jimmie Lee Staley. I am a professional white-hat, dragon-slaying gladiator.

Jimmie Lee Staley's Bio:

Heeding to classic good guys and bad guys, Jimmie Lee Staley works to fix wrongs done in the name of justice. Particularly in the Florida Gulf Coast, the civil liberties of citizens is violated to fuel politically corrupt bonfires. Jimmie Lee drags the corrupt underbelly into the light. Short of having a cape, Jimmie Lee collaborates and compiles documentation in the public domain that get overlooked by the average citizen. 

Jimmie Lee Staley's Experience:

  • Gladiator at American Freedom

    Independently researching political corruption and blogging about the collusion of public officials. Slaying the monsters who come to take away the liberties and rights of Americans.

  • Student at Eastern Michigan University

    Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Kappa

  • Co-owner at Creative Alchemy

Jimmie Lee Staley's Education:

  • Vanderbilt University

    Masters of Liberal Art Studies
  • Eastern Michigan University

    Concentration: Criminology
  • Pensacola Junior College

Jimmie Lee Staley's Interests & Activities:

Interests: Social Justice & World Peace Activities: Investigating and Researching Everything.

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